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Branding Standards and Guidelines


Our Standards

Leicester City Council requires that any application supplied that is to be accessed by the public, must be correctly branded. Partnership applications, must also integrate any Leicester City Council branding correctly.


Our corporate identity is not just about our logo, it is the personality of the council.

A strong corporate identity helps to build our image and supports what we do. If we manage our corporate identity in a disciplined, consistent and quality-driven way, our customers, citizens and partners will associate that approach with how we conduct our business. And we create a positive and lasting impression of Leicester City Council.



If you are developing an application that is to be available publicly, download our Corporate Identity Guidelines


If you are developing an application that is to be available only within Leicester City Council (and selected external partners), please email us for further guidance


If you developing promotional banners to appear on the website, please follow our promotional banner guidelines


Version History

Version: 1.0

Date: 11/11/11

Change: First draft

Author: Yasin Jassat