Taxi licensing

We issue licences for hackney carriages, private hire vehicles, drivers and private hire operators, and carry out inspections to ensure that standards are maintained.

Further information

Licences for drivers, vehicles and operators must all be issued by the same licensing authority. Application forms are available below.


We issue a single licence for drivers, which allows them to drive either a hackney carriage or a private hire vehicle. Application forms and guidance documents are available below.

We have a duty to ensure that licences to drive hackney carriages and private hire vehicles are only granted to 'fit and proper' persons.

In order to establish whether applicant is a 'fit and proper person' to be a licensed driver we require:

  • an enhanced criminal record check (Formerly CRB, now DBS - disclosure and barring service)
  • a medical examination
  • a topographical knowledge test of the city of Leicester
  • a practical driving test with the Driving Standards Agency - specifically aimed at taxi driving
  • a spoken English assessment
  • the applicant must have held a full British or EU Driver's Licence for at least 12 months.

The application forms and guidance documents for a taxi driver's licence application are available below.

Applicants must also complete an application form for a criminal record check via the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). As each form has a unique number these cannot be made available online. Forms can be completed at the Customer Service Centre when new applications are made. Applicants will have a form posted to them in advance, or can complete a form at their licensing appointment.

Hackney carriages

Please see the information on the Hackney carriages section.

Private hire vehicles

Please see the information on the private hire vehicles section.