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Procurement - Selling to Leicester City Council                                  

At Leicester City Council we aim to:
  • Provide guidance for suppliers on how to do business with us
  • Provide details of current and forthcoming bidding opportunities and contact details for each contract

Why work with Leicester City Council?

  • Considerable public sector spend
  • Good payers & proper arrangements
  • Keen to work with a broad range of suppliers
  • Chance to get involved in exciting projects that you will not find elsewhere
  • Subject to public procurement legislation.


Local Procurement Task Force Delivery Plan

Leicester City Council spends approximately £350m p.a. buying everything from cleaning products to food, waste collection to residential care.  Spending on this scale should create significant opportunities for local small businesses, social enterprise and voluntary and community organisations from which our local communities can benefit.  This Delivery Plan includes our priorities, action and success criteria; and identifies how we will support and make more opportunities available for our local small businesses, social enterprises and voluntary and community organisations.

Procurement Plan

The current (2013/2014) Procurement Plan lists potential activities above £30k and covers above EU public procurement threshold values.