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The most recent election was the European Parliamentary Election in May 2014.

Leicester City is part of the East Midlands region, which voted to elect five MEPs. The new MEPs formally take office on July 1st 2014.


Previous Election Results

You can see all our election results here

Local Government Elections

Local government elections in Leicester take place every four years, and are usually held on the first Thursday in May.

Leicester has 54 councillors representing 22 wards.The last election took place on 5th May 2011. The next councillor elections will be held in May 2015.


A by-election can occur due to the resignation or death of a councillor or member of parliament. The last council by-election was in Abbey ward on 9th May 2013.  The last parliamentary by-election was held on 5th May 2011 in Leicester South.

UK Parliamentary Elections

There is a maximum period of five years between UK Parliamentary elections, with no minimum period.

The timing of a general election is an issue of royal prerogative. Formally the Queen is responsible for dissolving Parliament by Royal Proclamation. 

However, in practice the Prime Minister can ask for a general election before the end of the five year term and will ask the Queen to grant a dissolution. 

The last UK Parliamentary election took place on 6 May 2010.

European Parliamentary Elections

European Parliamentary elections take place every five years. Leicester is in the East Midlands Region who return five MEP's to Europe. The last European election took place on 4th June 2009.


Mayoral Elections

Leicester City had their first Mayoral election in 2011 and voted in Peter Soulsby as our new City Mayor, who'll lead the city for four years. 

Police & Crime Commissioner Elections

The first PCC election took place in November 2012. The PCC is responsible for how crime is tackled in Leicester and Leicestershire.


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