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We look after more than 130 parks and open spaces across Leicester. Each park has its own character with historic ruins, waterways, formal parks and flower gardens, country parks, sports fields and wildlife areas through to small neighbourhood play areas.

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What's on in our parks?

Passport to parks

Passports to parks is a fun and fit way to explore Leicester's parks. Follow the clues in the Passport to find the brass rubbing style plaques on Leicester's best parks. Rub the plaque into your passport and return it to us to receive a free family pass to any of our leisure centres.

Grass cutting 2015

We are currently trialling new grass mowing regimes across the city. The trial is to study the effect of reducing the frequency of mowing in selected areas.

Potentially this could reduce the amount of money we spend on grass cutting and could also lead to the creation of a number of meadow areas in appropriate places. The meadow areas would be developed to encourage the growth of wild flowers, providing a better habitat for pollinating insects.

Depending on the evaluation of the scheme, the meadows areas could be created from 2016 onwards. Changes to the frequency of mowing in the trial areas has already begun, and monitoring is under way.

Most areas of grass along the outer ring road will receive one cut early in the growing season in April, and one cut late in the season, in October. There will be additional cuts around the roadside or pathways, and larger areas will have pathways cut through.

Highway verges on Anstey Lane, Blackbird Road, Buckminster Road, Saffron Lane, Melton Road, (Humberstone Drive to Checketts Road) will be cut 10 times a year instead of the current 14 cuts and Welford Road will receive five cuts.

Grass areas on Evington Park will be cut at different frequencies to allow comparison on the different management regimes, and on Victoria Park, two areas will be selected to be cut at 5 and 10 cuts per annum to allow further comparison.

Changes to the pruning of shrubs will also be trialled. Those on Bennion Road, King Richard's Road (Fosse Road North to Hinckley Road, Kirby Road area) and Palmerston Way will be cut once a year instead of two cuts per year.