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Free WiFi in Leicester city centre

Clock Tower

Visitors to Leicester can access free WiFi across some of the most popular areas of the city centre. The WiFi zone is available around the Clock Tower, Jubilee Square and outside the Richard III centre on St Martins.

Further information

We've joined forces with BT to provide the service, to promote wider digital access and help people to find out more about Leicester. It's free and unlimited, and forms part of around five million BT hotspots across the UK.

Our existing CCTV network is being used to provide the WiFi, which should also improve mobile phone coverage as mobile operators will be able to deploy 4G technology in the city centre more easily.

How do I get online?

Accessing the network is simple:

  • When you're in a WiFi zone, switch on the WiFi on your device and search for the network 'Free WiFi Leicester'.
  • Open your internet browser and type any website URL. You'll be taken to the landing page for Leicester's free WiFi
  • Follow the on-screen prompts to connect to the network
  • When you visit in future you will be automatically logged in when you switch on the WiFi on your device.