Get active in Leicester this new year

Shape up for summer

Active Leicester aims to get everyone moving. If you're looking to get active this new year, then we have lots of resources to help you.

Further information

Why should I get active?

Getting active is good for us – it can help reduce our risk of disease, maintain a healthy weight, cope better with stress and improve our mental health. However, some of us find it hard to fit physical activity into our daily lives. Active Leicester will help you to make physical activity part of your everyday life, and find ways to fit it around whatever you do, in whatever community you live.

What is physical activity?

Pretty much anything counts, and all that matters is that you complete at least 150 minutes of moderate activity a week. That’s the equivalent of 22 minutes a day, and you can even break it down into 10 minute chunks.

The advice is to be varied in your activity choices, that way you won’t get bored with doing the same thing everyday and will be as fit and healthy as you possibly can.

A good mix of aerobic exercise like zumba, dancing or running; strength exercise like press-ups and lifting and balance/stretching exercise like yoga or Pilates, is ideal. We want your whole body to be healthy not just individual parts! 

How and where can I get active?

You can get active anywhere in Leicester.

  • We have some fantastic leisure centres with a range of facilities; seven swimming pools, a golf course, a climbing wall and an athletics track. Our staff are fully trained and can help you reach and maintain your health and fitness goals with tailored training plans.
  • We have 10 outdoor gyms across the city which are free to use. You can download user guides at the bottom of the outdoor gyms page, plus each piece of equipment should have a guide on it.
  • Our parks are great places to get active for free. They boast acres of walking and running routes and some also have cycle paths. There are also tennis courts, multi-use pitches, ball courts and playgrounds for children to get active too.
  • There are plenty of volunteering opportunities in our parks so you can get active and help the community at the same time. 

Cycling in Leicester

Leicester has a great network of cycle paths and routes for you to commute to work or explore. Cycling is low impact, meaning it doesn’t jar your joints, and you can ride at a pace which suits you.

You can find out more about facilities in the city, which include cycle storage, maps and guided rides.

If you haven’t been on a bike for some time or are a complete beginner then we also offer cycle training courses.

Walking in Leicester

Walking is a great form of exercise as it’s easy to do, you don’t need specialist equipment (just a pair of well-fitting comfortable shoes), you can do it anywhere and make it as gentle or intense as you would like.

Walking and cycling are also great ways to include activity into your commute to and from work. 

Getting active at home

Your own home is a great place to get active. Not only is housework, gardening, cleaning the car or bike or even decorating, exercise but you can download exercise guides from the internet – we have some on our website.

There are also numerous fitness channels on You Tube or Facebook which you can subscribe to so you can exercise in your own living room.