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Report unauthorised development

We investigate suspected breaches of planning control. To investigate, we'll need details of the precise location of the site or property, why you're reporting and the impact the work is having.

Further information


All investigations are carried out on a strictly confidential basis and we will not reveal a complainant's details without their permission. With serious breaches of planning control, which warrant prosecution or which result in an appeal, the complainant may be invited to give a witness statement if their evidence is considered crucial. Such involvement is on a voluntary basis.

We will also respect the confidentiality of anyone who may be involved in the alleged breach. We will therefore not be able to reveal full details of our investigation to a complainant.

Anonymous complaints will be investigated however we will not be able to inform you of our findings. If we have your details we can have more confidence that a report is genuine rather than malicious.

More information for people reporting potential breaches, and people who are being investigated, can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

Investigations process

Planning enforcement is a lengthy process and we're unable to ensure that every problem is resolved quickly. Some matters can take several months to resolve particularly if an appeal is made against an enforcement notice.

We must follow statutory procedures and the time needed to fully investigate a report will vary from case to case.