Transport to school

We want to ensure every child in Leicester has access to a school place, and in certain circumstances we will provide free home to school transport to the nearest available eligible school.

Further information

Is my child eligible for free under 16 transport?

Pupils up to 16 years old are eligible for free home to school travel support under these circumstances:

  • they attend their nearest suitable school
  • walking distance is greater than three miles, or two miles if under eight
  • they are eligible for free school meals
  • their family is in receipt of the maximum level of working tax credits.

Voluntary Aided Faith Schools

For children attending faith based schools on genuine denominational grounds, free transport is available if the child is eligible for free school meals, or the family is in receipt of the maximum level of working tax credits.

The child also must attend the nearest appropriate school to the home based on a religious belief, and the walking distance is greater than two miles but less than 15 miles.

School and college transport for 16-19 year olds

A pass is available for students who live more than three miles away from their college, which costs £425 per year. It allows travel on Arriva and First buses in Leicester. Travel is restricted to college days only and the student's specified route. To be eligible for a pass you must:

  • Live in Leicester;
  • Be aged between 16 and 19 at the start of the college year
  • Live between three and 20 miles from the college
  • Ensure that if you are studying at a college outside Leicester, the course is not available at a college in Leicester. 

Pay for school transport

You can pay for your transport using the quick link above. Please have the student reference number available. 

Special education needs (SEN) transport

We provide free transport for pupils under 16 with special educational needs when they are at a school or college which is further than two or three miles from home (depending on their age), or where the student has mobility difficulties. Contact us for more information.