Referral for early help support

This section contains information about the referral process for families to receive early help support.

Further information

You can access the council’s early help wider offer for Children Centre’s and Family Support on our Family Information Directory website and other council early help services such as the Youth Service and Connexions on the MyChoice website.

Advice Point contact details

To seek advice, signposting or low level and short term support contact Advice Point on 0116 454 1004 or walk in to your nearest centre - view the cluster map.

Early help assessment

As outlined within the Early Help Strategy 2016-19, an Early Help assessment is where children, young people and their families require support from a multi-agency response at an early help threshold to prevent escalation of issues. Leicester City Council and their partners have adopted an approach to early help assessments being completed within an agencies own structure as a Lead Professional adhering to the principles outlined below:

  • Consent gained
  • An assessment of need is undertaken with an action plan in place
  • A focus on outcomes for children and their families
  • A team around the family approach must be in place
  • Regular review of the plan at least every 3 months
  • Management oversight must be in place

A referral can be made by a young person aged over 16, a parent, carer or a professional by completing the form below.  Please refer to the Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Threshold Procedures.  

If you are member of staff for Leicester City Council, this can be done via Liquid Logic. Alternatively the form can be completed and emailed securely to

Further support

Early Help and Children's Social Care
0116 454 1004

For any other queries or support with the Early Help Assessment process:

Early Help Co-ordinator
0116 454 1694


Multi Agency Support Panel (MASP)

Where there are open cases to any agency providing early help services that are stuck, high cost or escalating, a referral can be made to the Multi Agency Support Panel. This panel is made up of a range of agencies who have a role for supporting vulnerable children, young people and their families.

To provide a multi-agency management perspective between partner agencies for cases currently open to early help services, providing scrutiny and challenge, guidance and access to resources to prevent escalation and progress outcomes.

If you are member of staff for Leicester City Council, this can be done via Liquid Logic. Alternatively complete the MASP referral form can be completed and email it securely to

Refer to the terms of reference for the MASP when making a referral.