Challenges and appeals

If you have received a fine and want to challenge it, you need to put your challenge in writing to us via our online form.

Further information

Parking fines

Please complete the online form using the quick link above. 

What happens next?

If your challenge is rejected and you wish to challenge the decision further, a formal representation can be made at the next stage by completing the Notice to Owner form. To make a formal representation, you should use the Notice to Owner form we will send to you and return it to us at the enclosed address. Alternatively, you can scan, photograph or take a screenshot of the Notice to Owner form and email it to us

Bus lane fines

Please complete the online form using the quick link above.

Additional information

If you are unable to email or write to us, please call us on 0116 454 1000 quoting the PCN number, the vehicle registration and your address.


Parking and traffic regulations outside London (PATROL)

PATROL is the joint committee of England and Wales for the civil enforcement of parking and traffic regulations outside London.