Apply for a blue badge

The blue badge scheme allows disabled people park close to their destination. The badges cost £10 and are issued to people, not vehicles, so you can use the badge in any vehicle you travel in.

Further information

The badge is for drivers or passengers with severe walking difficulties; blind people, or people who have severe upper limb disabilities and regularly drive, but cannot turn a steering wheel by hand.

Do I qualify for a blue badge?

There are two types of qualifying criteria for a blue badge: automatic and discretionary. See the Citizens Advice Bureau - eligibility has more information on who is eligible for the badge.  

If you apply under the discretionary criteria you may need to attend an independent medical assessment in the city centre.

Organisations that provide a transport service to disabled people can also apply for a badge.

How do I apply for a blue badge?

You can apply online through DirectGov or download the application forms for automatic, discretionary and organisational badges at the bottom of the page. You can also call us on 0116 454 1000.

If you qualify under the automatic criteria, we can complete your application while you wait at one of our customer service centres. However, we no longer produce the badges, so can’t issue them on the day.

If you already have a blue badge that needs renewing we will send you a reminder letter.

How long will the application take?

Your application may take up to six weeks to be processed. If your application is not successful we will write to you and send you details about the reassessment process.

What if I lose my badge?

Replacement badges are available at a cost of £10. Call us on 0116 454 1000 to order one.

Misuse of blue badges

The misuse of a blue badge is a criminal offence. You can report the misuse of a blue badge using our online form which is linked above in quick links.

Contact us

Ring us on: 0116 454 1000