Housing repairs

As a tenant you have the right to have repair work carried out under the contract you have with us.

Further information

We are responsible for replacing or repairing items which were part of the premises when your tenancy started, if they are damaged through normal wear and tear.

If you request a repair it will be put in a category, depending on what needs doing and how urgent it is. We have a responsibility to carry out repairs within a time limit, which depends on the type of work it is. If we do not finish the work in this time, you can report it to us.

We will carry out most repairs to the main structure of your home, but there will be certain things, such as minor repairs and replacement items, which you will be responsible for. Please refer to 'Your responsibilities as a tenant' link above.


Appointments are offered between the following times:

  • Morning appointments are between 8am and 12 noon
  • Afternoon appointments are between 12.30pm and 4pm
  • Evening appointments are between 4pm and 8pm.


All our employees carry official identity cards, which you should ask to see before letting them in.

Sometimes work is carried out by contractors, and they will also have identity cards. Contractors should also be able to give you the name and phone number of a council officer you can contact to check they are genuine.

Female operatives

For women who would prefer not to have men working in their homes, we will make every effort to use female operatives to carry out the repair.

Repairs handbook

The handbooks (attached below) is currently under review, please use the contact methods below to get in touch for up to date information.

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