Your tenancy

Most new council tenants enter into an introductory tenancy with us, which normally lasts for 12 months. If the first year runs smoothly and without incident, you will automatically become a secure tenant at the end of this period.

Further information

If any proceedings are issued during the introductory tenancy, this trial period may be extended. In extreme cases the tenant can be evicted.

All of our tenants enter into a formal agreement with us, which contains the start date and the weekly rent, including any charges for heating and facilities.

By signing the agreement, tenants agree to our conditions of tenancy which cover areas such as:

  • your rights
  • repairs
  • gardens and garages
  • decoration
  • access,
  • nuisance
  • harassment and anti-social behaviour

You can download a copy of our conditions of tenancy below.

Contact us

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