Adapting your home (disabled facilities grants)

We can provide the disabled facilities grant for adaptations to your home, so you can continue to live there safely. Adaptations can only be made following an assessment.

Further information

Adaptations can be large or small, and can include changing a bathroom to a level-access shower room, or fitting grab rails near a doorway.

We can also provide equipment to help you in your everyday life, such as electronic medication dispensers, and easy-to-use mobile phones.

How do we decide who gets support?

As we only have a limited amount of money available for grants, we have to prioritise how we spend the money. Grants are means-tested, which means they go to the people who need them most.

We will look at the income and savings of the disabled person and their spouse or partner, and compare that to a standard assessment of the household’s basic needs.

The maximum grant that can be paid is £30,000. We also use a priority points system to work out how urgently you need the adaptations.

What happens after the assessment?

We will recommend what adaptations or equipment you need. We also look at factors such as the type of property you live in, the location of facilities in your home, how easy it is for you to get to those facilities, access to the property, and family composition.

In addition, we will look at how you will manage while you are waiting for the adaptations or equipment.

You can organise your own help if you choose to do so. Contact us for more information.

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