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Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Who is a Refugee? 

A refugee is someone who has been forced to flee his or her country because of persecution, war, or violence.


In Britain a refugee is a person whose application for asylum has been approved.


Who is an Asylum Seeker?

An asylum seeker is someone who has submitted an application for asylum to the United Kingdom authorities and is still waiting for a decision on whether this will be granted.

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Useful Links 

Home Office Immigration and Nationality Directorate

Asylum Support Tribunal Guidance

Asylum Aid

Refugee Council

Useful Addresses

Refugee Action
Chancery House,
7 Millstone lane,
Phone: (0116) 261 6200

Refugees & Asylum Seekers Advice Project
Epic House (third floor)
Lower Hill Street, Leicester
Phone: (0116) 299 9800


Refugee Housing Association
Active Community Centre
2nd Floor, 9 Newarke Street,
Phone: (0116) 257 4000

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