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Local housing allowance

If you rent from a private landlord, the amount of housing benefit you may be able to claim is set independently by the Valuation Office Agency* and is called local housing allowance (LHA).


The amount of LHA you might get depends on how many bedrooms you are entitled to* and the maximum rent allowed for properties where you live. If you are single and under 35 you are only allowed to claim LHA at the rate for a room in shared accommodation.


In Leicester weekly LHA rates are:




1 bed

2 bed

3 bed

4 bed

April 2013






April 2014 £59.00 £86.54 £109.62 £126.92 £161.54


If your rent is more than the LHA rate you will have to pay the difference. If your rent is less than the LHA rate the maximum you receive will be the amount of your rent – not the full LHA rate.



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