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Community Safety

Leicester City Council's Community Safety Team offers advice on:


  • reducing crime

  • community safety matters

  • reducing people’s fear of crime.

Under Section 17 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 the city council must ensure that, in going about its business, it does not contribute to increased crime and anti-social behaviour. The Community Safety Team helps to co-ordinate work to tackle crime and disorder in Leicester.


The Safer Leicester Partnership recognises that no single agency can fight crime, disorder or drugs by itself. It takes the joined-up efforts of local agencies to make a real difference to community safety issues in Leicester.

Visit the Safer Leicester Partnership website for more details about what is going on in Leicester to reduce crime and the fear of crime.

These pages also include information about Leicester's Crime and Disorder Strategy, and the Street Drinking Ban within the city centre.


Keep Safe Places

The Keep Safe Places is a nationally recognised scheme which helps people to deal with the incidents that take place when they are out and about in the community. The scheme is aimed at helping people feel confident and safe when in their community, knowing that assistance is available if required.


For further details please visit : keep-safe-place-scheme


Street Drinking Order


As a result of issues connected to street drinking, Leicester City Council proposes to introduce a city-wide Public Spaces Protection Order which will give police, police community support officers and other authorised personnel additional powers to tackle alcohol related anti-social behaviour.


Currently there is an active order within the city centre which has had a displacement effect onto other areas. Therefore we consider a city-wide order is necessary. The purpose of the order is to ensure that public spaces remain welcoming places to law abiding people, who can use them safe from anti-social behaviour.



The Community Safety team can be contacted by filling in the online enquiry form, emailing us at or writing to:


Community Safety Team

Local Services and Environment Department

City Hall

115 Charles Street

Leicester City Council


Telephone: (0116) 4544140