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Recycling Rate and Targets

Waste and Recycling

Government Target 

In July 2000 the Government produced a National Waste Strategy for England and Wales. The Waste Strategy 2000 document set out the Government's vision for the long-term, sustainable management of waste and also set targets for waste recycling, recovery and diversion from landfill to ensure that the European legislation, in relation to the use of landfill for the disposal of waste, would be met.

The Landfill Directive 

The Landfill Directive is a piece of European Legislation that governs the future use of landfill as a means of disposal.  By setting quite stringent targets for reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill, the Directive aims to achieve the following:


To reduce the amount of biodegradable municipal waste landfilled to

75% of that produced in 1995 by 2010.

50% of that produced in 1995 by 2013.

35% of that produced in 1995 by 2020.

The Directive also makes changes to the types of material that can be disposed of.

Recycling Targets

England has set a target to recycle and compost 50% of household waste by 2020 through the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011.

Leicester recycled and composted 43.05% of its household waste in 2013/14. The achievement in reducing the quantity of waste sent to landfill is not just down to Biffa Leicester, it is also thanks to the people of Leicester City working together with us by using the Recycling Schemes, Household Waste Recycling Centres and Recycling Banks.


Household Waste Statistics

Each year we record how much waste we produce in Leicester and what happens to it;

  • how much is recycled (recycling rate)

  • how much is composted (composting rate)

  • how much is recovered i.e. used as an alternative fuel to produce heat and power (recovery rate)

These rates show us how much waste we have diverted away from landfill.

In 2011/12 our recycling rate jumped up by more than 4% as a result of the introduction of the new orange recycling service part way through the year.  We also managed to diverted almost 70% of our waste away from landfill, which is a fantastic achievement which we hope to continue to build on.


To download a copy of Leicester's household waste statistics from 2002-2014, please click on the link below: