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Click HERE for guidance on use of certified copies of register entries. (The guidance is aimed at those who have questions around whether they can copy a certificate, place copies on social media / websites, and what they need to provide when they are asked for evidence of an event, such as a birth.)

How & where do I get a copy certificate?

(Birth, Death, or Marriage in Leicester City only)


Apply for a copy certificate

Where do I get a copy certificate?

The easiest way to obtain replacement Birth, Marriage or Death certificates is direct from the Register Office holding the records. 


What records are held?

At the City of Leicester Register Office we hold deposited registers for births, deaths and marriages that have taken place in the City since 1st July 1837 when civil registration commenced.

Records for births and deaths

Over the years there have been numerous boundary changes resulting in the records for some locations being held at this office if the event occurred during one period of time but at the Leicestershire Register Office if it occurred during another period.

Before you apply, please refer to the list of locations. Records for locations that have always been in the City of Leicester are held at the City of Leicester Register Office irrespective of the date of the birth or death.


Records for marriages

  • The registers for all marriages in the City of Leicester prior to 1899 are held at the City of Leicester Register Office.

  • Marriages occurring since 1899 are subject to the effect of boundary changes determining whether the register is now deposited at this office or at the Leicestershire Register Office.

  • For further advice regarding whether or not a particular entry of birth, death or marriage is held at the City of Leicester Register Office please contact us.

  • If the event took place in England or Wales but outside of the City of Leicester then we should be able to supply contact details for the office that holds records for the particular location.

How do I apply for a copy certificate?

The easiest way to apply for a copy certificate is online. The online applications forms set out below can be completed for an online application and payment, printed out for your use or taken as a guide to the information required to enable us to supply a copy certificate.


  • From 1st April 2014 there is a non refundable administration charge of £3.00 per application made online.

  • The administration charge is in addition to the fee for a certificate. 

  • Certificates issued will be sent out via 1st class Royal Mail standard post.

  • Please note that it will take up to 4 working days before we are able to deal with your application.



Apply On-line 

  • Please complete the online form below, including the payment details and submit your application.

  • Please check the list of locations before you apply to ensure the records are held by us


When completing the form:

  • Please provide accurate details of the event when completing the form.

  • If you are unable to supply precise information then it may take longer for us to locate the entry to which you are referring.

  • If you are uncertain of the date of an event we will search for a three-year period (e.g. 1884 - 1886). You will need to contact us once you have applied to arrange this.

  • Please note that quoting a GRO reference does not indicate where the entry can be found in our registers. Unfortunately there is no cross-referencing system between GRO indexes and local register office indexes.

Apply by Post

  • When applying to the Leicester Register Office in person or by post, all cheques / postal orders should be made payable to “Leicester City Council”.  

  • The current fee for a copy certificate from the deposited registers is £10.00.  A short birth certificate is available for a fee of £10.00: this shows full name, sex, date of birth and registration district of birth only. Please note that this short certificate has increasingly limited use.

  • A stamped addressed envelope should accompany your application.  If one is not included your certificate will be sent via 2nd class Royal Mail standard post.

  • Please ensure that you include your correct and full postal address with your application.

  • If your application contains imprecise information, we may be able to undertake a wider search for a fee of £10.00 per application. You will need to contact us once you have applied to arrange this.


To request further information about this service, please use our online enquiry form


Does it matter if the person has been adopted?

If the birth certificate is for someone who has been adopted and it is the certificate showing the original name then application should be made to the local office stating the original name. The application should also state that you are aware that the person has been adopted.

If the birth certificate is for someone who has been adopted and it is the certificate showing the adopted name that is required then application must be made to the Adopted Children’s Register


Can I search through the registers myself?

The law prevents you from searching through the actual registers. There are 2 options available to you should you wish to try to locate an entry yourself:

  • You may search through the national indexes for the whole of England & Wales

  • You may search through the indexes at the Register Office which covers the location in which the event took place.

If you wish to search through the indexes at the local register office then you should contact the office for advice on their procedure. The cost of this kind of search is £18 for a period of up to 6 hours per individual. In order to make the best use of your time, we would recommend that you contact this office at least 7 days ahead of the day that you would like to conduct your search through the indexes held here. When you have found the entry you looking for, we will be able to confirm the details by supplying a copy certificate for a fee of £10.00.

What happens if the birth, death or marriage took place before 1st July 1837?

Prior to July 1837 births and deaths were not registered but you may find that the local archivist holds Church Baptismal Registers and Burial Records together with Church Marriage Records.

For further information please contact the Leicestershire Records Office


For further information about researching your family history, click here:


Replacement certificates are also available from the General Register Office (GRO)


Warning: Beware of companies overcharging for replacement Birth, Marriage or Death certificates. A number of private services have been set up online, which often appear to be official.  They may pay to appear at the top of internet search results and listings on websites to grab your attention.  But these websites can charge you extra "administration fees" and some of them ask you to call premium rate telephone lines for their advice and services.  In most cases you will have paid more for exactly the same service.