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Information Communications Technology (ICT)
Developing Confident Digital Citizens

The BSF programme provides the city with a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only  improve school buildings, but to make sure schools in Leicester are at the forefront in the use of Information Communications Technology (ICT) for learning.  Leicester aspires to be an online, connected learning city, and the BSF Programme is equipping our schools with world class technologies - and enabling us to support staff in developing the skills and confidence to match.


We work closely with our BSF ICT partner to implement high quality solutions across all secondary schools in the city.


Digital Literacy - the capability to live, learn, work and thrive in modern society – is essential for all our young people, and the BSF Programme will help ensure that every learner can take advantage of the opportunities that effective and innovative use of technology affords. Learners in Leicester will  be confident, thoughtful and positive in their use of technology.


ICT will support efficient and effective school management processes, supporting integrated information, which can be securely and appropriately shared with parents, carers and partner agencies to support young people achieve their potential.


LCC SchoolsTech Blog

You can find news and updates from the LCC Children's Capital ICT team over at our new blog: LCC SchoolsTech.


ICT Thematic Priorities

The Thematic Priorities are designed to map to activity and research areas, and to provide a framework for the review of activity and commissioning taking place at individual school and estate-wide level. Each Thematic Priority is illustrated with bullet points providing indicative associated action areas. The Priorities are designed to frame measures of year on year activity and improvement at individual school and estate wide level, to review set priorities for annual action planning and to focus resource effectively.


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Space and Place

Space and Place

Ensuring best possible use is made of digital environments in relation to the physical environment of the school buildings and grounds in supporting learning and teaching.


CDP and Innovation

CPD and Innovation

Raising the level of skills and confidence across the estate to recognise and take advantage of technology to support and enhance learning, teaching and school management.


Networked Learning and Communities

Networked Learning and Communities

Supporting connections between practice, practitioners and resource sharing across the city and sharing effective methods, approaches, innovation, and events.


Information Management

Information Management

Supporting a robust approach to school policy and practices which address the management, handling, storage and disposal of data legally, effectively and safety.


Green ICT

Green ICT

Focusing on reducing unnecessary energy consumption and using technology to support schools in developing a culture of practical engagement with energy reduction.



eSafety and Cyberbullying

Effectively address e-safety and cyberbullying with regard to awareness, prevention, reporting, incident reporting, response and sanctions.


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