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The Managed Learning Environment

The MLE will encourage learning
The Managed Learning Environment

At the heart of the schools’ infrastructure will be Northgate Education’s innovative Managed Learning Environment (MLE), developed in collaboration with Leicester City Council’s BSF team, to enable the transformation of teaching and learning in our schools.


The introduction of the MLE in schools will provide a new and exciting, media-rich online environment where students, parents and teachers have access to information and resources via the internet, whether at school, at home or anywhere else with web access. 


The MLE enables students to share information with each other, email in their homework, submit and view timetables and tasks online.  Instant messenger technology allows them to work live with classmates on projects.


Parents can now get actively involved in their children’s education and keep an eye on their development, all in a securely monitored environment to ensure everyone stays safe from bullies, inappropriate websites and strangers. 


The MLE brings together all the information teachers need in one place. They won’t have to log into multiple programmes to find out what’s going on with each student. 


The MLE has been designed to provide a unique and comprehensive online environment. This fully integrated environment embraces facilities management, management information, cashless catering, e-registration and access to the library and virtual learning environment, containing over 70 packages available to students and pupils. 


The MLE has much in common with a website, giving learners a familiar environment in which to learn. Students will be able to access safely and securely by using their own username and password.