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Childcare Registration and Advice Officers offer two or three pre-registration visits to your home to:


  • Explain the requirements and process of registering as a childminder

  • Inform you of the process of applying to Ofsted to register as a childminder and discuss training
  • Look at making the home environment safe for young children
  • To support you through the process of registration.


Anyone wishing to register as a Childminder in Leicester will be asked to complete a short skills check before starting the registration process.  Working as a childminder means being self employed and managing your own business.  You would be advised to assess the need for new childminders in your locality. 


Are you thinking about becoming a childminder?

For further information download - Thinking about Childminding


If you have read the information about becoming a childminder and would like to go ahead to the next stage and discuss in further the registration process, complete - Further Request on the Childminding Process form