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Ashton Green

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Ashton Green village centre perspective


Sustainable homes for people


Welcome to the Ashton Green website.


The Ashton Green development is seen as the most significant and innovative housing scheme in Leicester in more than 30 years and will enable substantial progress towards delivering the 20,000 new homes needed in the City over the next 20 years.


Ashton Green is a planned sustainable urban extension of 2,500 homes for the city. It will shape Leicester as Britain’s sustainable city by delivering a distinctive, safe, green and well-connected place. It will become a thriving, prosperous mixed community with a dynamic heart and strong identity within the city.


This exciting new development has the potential to make a significant contribution towards Leicester becoming a truly low carbon city and raising its profile as the place to do business in the East Midlands. The site also has the potential to deliver the highest quality of built environment whilst protecting and enhancing the natural surroundings in this part of the city. In addition to the much needed new homes, the development will bring new jobs, economic, regeneration and social benefits for the wider community. 


In 2008, there was a renewed commitment to make Ashton Green a reality through a new vision with the aim of becoming the region’s leading example of sustainable development. The masterplan vision (2010) for Ashton Green and the outline planning permission (2011) were the outcomes of thorough research and extensive public consultation over a three year period with continuous political support and the commitment of resources to bring forward this exciting development opportunity.


Latest News (January 2014) - Changes to the planning conditions

Revisions to the existing planning conditions were approved at the Planning and Development Control Committee on the 8 January 2014. This decision will enable a re-phasing of some of major upfront off-site transport requirements and public transport improvements.


In late 2013, the Council embarked on a new approach to delivery in which it will take on the role of lead developer/promoter and enabler of infrastructure. This will be a more ‘hands-on’ approach in bringing forward individual development parcels to a number of developers and house builders as part of a long term well-planned phased disposal of land. Bringing forward smaller, more manageable development parcels, rather than seeking a single long term development partner is also likely to attract more developer interest and greater competition.


The Council will seek to influence and direct the form of development through the planning process using a variety of site wide guidance to include; a design guide, a green infrastructure strategy, a carbon reduction strategy, an affordable housing scheme and proposals for the long term maintenance and management of the ecology and open space.


The major off-site highway works, public transport improvements, the public transport strategy and implementation of travel plans will all be led by the Council. Developers and house builders will be expected to use their innovation and creativity to deliver high quality new homes and a vibrant commercial village centre. The Council will focus its attention on; joining up and managing this development activity, providing the essential infrastructure and planning for the long term delivery of schools provision, health and community facilities.


The Council has recently to submitted a planning application and is currently re-negotiating the terms of some of the more financially challenging planning conditions. The aim is to postpone some of the more complex and costly transport improvements until later in the development programme, a move which should help attract developers by offering a more financially viable scheme without the need to contribute to all the infrastructure costs up front.


However, many of the major improvements, such as extending existing bus routes, cycling, walking and other public rights of way improvements, traffic calming and speed restrictions will still be carried as the first homes are being built, to benefit the surrounding community as early as possible.


The Ashton Green is one of the biggest housing schemes in the city for many years and it is important that Council does everything it can to kick start this development. Given the current economic climate nationally, that means ensuring that the scheme is an attractive prospect to investors and developers alike.


Development proposals from the first house builders are anticipated in early 2014.