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Property Numbering

Councils have had to number properties since Victorian times. This ensures that properties can be uniquely identified so that the mail can be delivered and, in the case of an emergency, the police, ambulance and fire services can reach their destination quickly.

The naming of roads and streets, and the numbering of properties are two separate procedures that are carried out under different pieces of legislation.

It is the council's policy to ensure that new properties are numbered. To enquire about or arrange for the numbering of properties, please contact:


Property Numbering
Planning Service
Leicester City Council
City Hall, 115 Charles Street
Leicester LE1 1FZ
Telephone (0116) 454 2998


Details of properties numbered by the Council are forwarded to several organisations including the Royal Mail and the emergency services. The Royal Mail acknowledges the receipt of new property information by notifying the Council of the postcodes assigned to those properties. This is the only way in which postcodes are allocated. Future transactions associated with the property could well depend on the allocation of a postcode therefore it is important to follow this procedure.

Finally, developers must notify the Royal Mail when new premises become occupied by contacting Royal Mail customer services.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your address and postcode, you may contact the Royal Mail to confirm that they hold your address on their system. For information on post codes, and to query their Post Code Finder, view the Royal Mail web site:

If you are still experiencing difficulties, please contact our Property Numbering team for further assistance.


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