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Involving disabled people and access specialists

The Inclusive Design Advisory Panel (IDAP)

The Inclusive Design Advisory Panel (IDAP), which meets monthly, was founded by the City Council and Leicestershire Centre for Integrated living in 2006, primarily in response to the rapid regeneration of the city centre.


IDAP provides the Council with clear and timely advice on Inclusive Design matters - a broad definition of which is "making places which everybody can use, easily, safely and with dignity". The Panel's work includes encouraging best practice in line with Council's Inclusive Design Action Programme, and the city's Core Strategy (our key land use planning document), both of which call for the highest standards of access and inclusion.


IDAP is chaired by Cllr Newcombe, who is a leading councillor in the Council's overview and scrutiny work. It is primarily made up of council officers representing key disciplines (access, design, planning and highways/ transportation), and includes Eric Day of Leicester Centre for Integrated Living as external advisor.


IDAP's role complements (but should not be confused with) that of the Leicester Disabled People's Access Group (LDPAG). Although LDPAG works closely with the council on access matters, it is an independent organisation representing disabled people, and is not a specialist advisory panel.


IDAP's recent work

Over the last year or so IDAP has continued to play a valuable role in positively influencing a range of projects and programmes. These include:

  • Strategic initiatives, e.g the Local Transport Plan,
  • City Centre developments, e.g Granby Street Gateway and the proposals for Humberstone Gate East and bus stops
  • Specific City Council building developments, e.g Gilroes Crematorium, school extension project;
  • Private sector schemes e.g the Victoria Park medical centre, and train station improvements.


It has also been an important source of information on new legislation (including the Equality Act and Localism Bill), standards, guidance and research.


Taking IDAP forward

The Panel is well placed to support delivery of the City Mayor's manifesto commitments, and respond to his administration’s eight "themes":

  • An accountable, democratic and strong Council
  • Leicester - place to do business
  • A low carbon city
  • Our neighbourhoods and communities – people, culture and leisure
  • Getting about in Leicester
  • A healthy and active city
  • Our children & young people
  • The built and natural environment around us in Leicester.


Improving the quality of the built and natural environment, improving local neighbourhoods, and ensuring Leicester becomes a place where people can get around easily are particular priorities where the Panel's input can make a real difference.

Further information

For more information about IDAP please contact the Council's Disabled People's Access Officer.