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Lawful Development Certificates


The system of 'Lawful Development Certificates' enables the council, when appropriate conditions are satisfied, to grant a certificate saying that either:


  • An existing use of land, or some operational development, or some activity in breach of a previous planning condition, is lawful; or

  • A proposed use of buildings or other land, or some operations proposed to be carried out, would be lawful.


You can apply for a certificate of proposed development if you wish to find out, for instance, whether an extension to a house comes within the definition of 'permitted development', and thus may be built without needing to make a formal planning application.


A fee is payable for these applications. This will depend upon the type of development in the application: please contact our Planning service for details. You must make the application via the Planning Portal, or you can download paper forms (types 014 and 015) from our Application Forms page.

The Government have provided further advice about Lawful Development Certificates, including the purpose of the system, what a certificate does, how to apply for one and how to appeal against a decision to refuse an application. See the Government web page: Lawful Development Certificates - A User's Guide.