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Flood Risk

Flood Risk Map

The Environment Agency and the City Council as Lead Local Flood Authority are both responsible for predicting what areas of the city are at risk of flooding and managing the risk.


The Environment Agency are responsible for predicting flood risk from larger watercourses and the sea and the City Council are responsible for predicting flooding from heavy rainfall, smaller watercourses and groundwater flooding.   


General information on flood risk management is available here.



Flood Risk Maps

Until we include the EA's maps in our system, you need to consult two different sources of information.


Maps of the risk of flooding from Main Rivers are published here on the Environment Agency web site. Information on the risk of surface water flooding is available in our Strategic Flood Risk Assessment and Surface Water Management Plan. Please see the appendices for maps of flood risk from surface water.   


Further information on how to prepare your property if it is at risk of flooding is available here (please see "Information for people at risk of flooding"), and you can sign up to receive flood warnings relating to Main Rivers on the Environment Agency's website.  


Flood Risk and Planning Permission

The Council's policy is to protect the function of flood plains and watercourses, and not to approve development which would increase the risk of flooding. Where a proposed development is at risk from flooding, or could create a risk of flooding elsewhere, a flood risk assessment must be submitted with the planning application.


All development, regardless of whether it is itself at risk of flooding will be expected to investigate whether the use of sustainable drainage techniques is possible so as prevent an increase in flood risk due to surface water run off.


More details of the Council's policies relating to flood plains and flood risk are contained in the adopted Local Plan - Built Environment Chapter - Policy BE20 and in policy CS02 of the Core Strategy and the Climate Change SPD.



Reporting Flooding Problems

For contact details, go to our Flooding page.