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Community Support Grant

The Welfare Reform Act 2012 abolished Community Care Grants and Crisis Loans, (provided by the Department for Work and Pensions),  from 1 April 2013 and replaced them with a new Local Welfare Provision which will be administered by local authorities in England.

This new Local Welfare Provision is called Leicester City Council's Community Support Grant Scheme (CSGS).

Grants available

There are two elements to the Community Support Grant Scheme, these are:

  • Crisis Grant

Where a person is in crisis, where the financial support required is immediate and urgent


  • Support Grant

Where the person is in need of support due to financial hardship but where the need is not immediate.


Awards will be made by way of a voucher/card/goods system. Cash will only be paid in as a last resort and where there is no other alternative.


The main aim of the scheme will be to support vulnerable people, experiencing financial difficulties. The support will be given for food, goods or services in a crisis situation or where there is exceptional financial pressure on an individual or families.

Purpose of the grants

The service will seek through the operation of this policy to:

  • alleviate poverty;

  • support vulnerable young people in the transition to adult life;

  • safeguard residents in their own homes;

  • help those who are trying to help themselves;

  • keep families together;

  • support the vulnerable in the local community;

  • help people through personal and difficult events.


Each case will be treated strictly on its own merits. All customers will receive equal and fair treatment within a transparent process taking full account of the Council’s responsibilities under all relevant government legislation. And, to meet our standing statutory duties under Homelessness, Equality, Human Rights, Child Poverty and Child Protection legislation. Decisions under the Scheme will be made in accordance with the principles of good decision making; and, decision makers will act fairly, reasonably and consistently.


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