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The Benefits

Listed below are initiatives which show why we like to think we are simply the best and most progressive employer around.

Job Sharing:
The council regards all posts as potentially open to job share. Generally speaking this allows two people voluntarily to share the duties and responsibilities of one full time job. It gives working parents, especially, the chance to carry on working in their careers at reduced hours, enabling them to cope with the pressures of combining working commitments and raising a family.

Flexible Working Hours:
The council’s flexible working hours schemes allows most employees to vary their starting and finishing times to suit personal needs, subject to the needs of the council. You could ‘earn’ up to 13 extra days off work under the scheme.

Annual Leave:
You will be entitled to 21 days annual leave in a full year, rising to 26 after 5 years local government service.

Bank Holidays & Extra Statutory Leave:
These allow you a further 12 days per year. Nine days are fixed and the other three are added to your annual leave.

Maternity Leave:

All pregnant women are entitled to maternity leave, regardless of how long they have worked for the council. If, however, they have more than one year’s service they will be entitled to paid leave as follows:

  • 6 weeks at higher rate SMP


  • 12 weeks at 50% of your average weekly earnings, plus lower rate SMP
  • 21 weeks at lower rate SMP


  • 13 weeks unpaid leave.

Adoptive Leave:
You are entitled to 26 weeks’ OAL followed by 26 weeks’ AAL, provided the child adopted is up to the age of 18, and newly placed.

Maternity Support Leave (Paternity Leave):
Ten days paid leave is available to partners within 56 days of the birth of the child or date of placement if adopting with more than 26 weeks service.

Leicester City Council Childcare Benefits Scheme:

Leicester City Council operate a Childcare Scheme which could help employees with childcare costs save upto £1,1958 a year.


The scheme enables employees to sacrifice a maximum of £55 per week towards childcare costs, which is paid directly from salaries to childcare providers each month. The saving is made because the amount sacrificed is exempt from tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs).


* Based on higher tax rate earner.  Basic tax rate earners can save up to £915 a year.

Compassionate Leave:
Up to ten days are available for reasons of bereavement or domestic distress.

Retainer and Re-Entry Scheme:
These schemes are designed to assist all permanent employees leaving the council’s employment for domestic reasons to seek re-employment once circumstances permit a return to work. The retainer scheme aims to provide a continuing link between the council and such employees so that an eventual return to work is not a major barrier.

Pension Scheme:

The Scheme is an integral part of your pay package and is in addition to your salary.  The cost to you is less then you think.  You pay 6%* of your pay, even less if you pay tax and National Insurance. Your employer contributes too.


These include:

  • Life cover from the moment you join, with a lump sum of 2 years pay being paid if you die in service.
  • Cover for your family with a pension for your spouse or civil partner and eligible children should you die.
  • Protection for you after 3 months with:
  • Immediate benefits at any age if you have to retire because of permanent ill health.
  • Early payment of benefits when you are aged 50 or over
    • If you are made redundant or retired on efficiency grounds, or
    • Your employer agrees to your early retirement
  • The right to voluntarily retire at age 60 or over, although benefits are liable to be reduced, even though the Scheme's normal pension age is 65.


When you retire you can look forward to a tax-free lump sum, and a pension for life that increases with the cost of living.  What's more it's a final salary scheme, which means your benefits are based on your final year's pensionable pay and the number of years you have been a member of the Scheme.  The benefits are guaranteed and are not dependent on investment performance.


New employees, other than casual employees, are automatically brought into the Scheme.  Casual employees can opt to join the Scheme. You can get more information:



  • by phoning 0116 265 7652 , 0116 265 7653, 0116 265 7654 or 0116 265 7843.



Or email the Leicestershire County Council Pension Section at


This page is a brief guide to the Scheme and cannot cover every personal circumstance.  In the event of any dispute over your pension benefits, the appropriate legislation will prevail. This page does not confer any contractual or statutory rights and is provided for information purposes only.



* Some manual workers in post before 1st April 1998 have a right to pay contributions at a rate of 5%


The council operates a scheme allowing homeworking which is open to those employees who for domestic or health reasons must be at home.

Financial Assistance:
Financial assistance will be available for new employees who live more than 20 miles from Leicester and are moving house to Leicester as a result of their appointment with the city council, provided the Director concerned has approved this allowance is to be made available for the appointment.

Temporary Accommodation:
Temporary accommodation may be available for newly appointed employees in appropriate circumstances.

Season Ticket Loans:
Interest free loans may be available to employees living outside a 20 mile radius from the centre of Leicester.

Car and Bicycle Loan Scheme: These are available for officers who are authorised users. The rate of interest payable on loans is well below the general market rate.

Subscriptions & Fees:
Professional fees are paid by the council when membership of the professional body is a pre-requisite of carrying out your duties.

The council has its own fully equipped training centres and operates a range of in-house courses run by professionally qualified trainers.

Post-Entry Training Scheme:
Employees are also encouraged to undertake qualification training through the council’s post-entry training scheme.

Occupational Health:
The City Council has a comprehensive Occupational Health service, which provides advice on work and health issues from qualified Occupational Health Advisers and Physicians.

Confidential Counselling:

The City Council also provides a free, confidential, telephone based counselling service to its employees, which is available 365 days a year.  The City Council also provides employees with access to confidential faces-to-face counselling, including debt counselling and legal advice.