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Fox's Glacier Mints

Fox's Glacier Mints Plaque
The Blue Plaque is located at Oxford Court, Oxford Street, Leicester.
The Fox Company was founded in 1895 by grocer Walter R. Fox. The earliest site was on York Road, Leicester, but the company moved a few years later to nearby Oxford Street, where the manufacture of the famous mints continued until the move to their current site in Sunningdale Road, Braunstone, Leicester in 1965.
Fox's Glacier Mints Tin
Fox's Glacier Mints went through several changes of ownership, from Rowntree Mackintosh to Nestle, then Northern Foods. The company became independently owned by Big Bear Ltd in 2003. They have retained their identity with consumers and the mints are still being produced to the traditional recipe at the Braunstone factory. The plaque, which was suggested and sponsored by Fox Confectionery, features the well-known logo 'Peppy' the polar bear, whose name was derived from the peppermint used.
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