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The Dinosaur Gallery: Exploring Lost Worlds

The Dinosaur Gallery, New Walk Museum & Art Gallery

The Dinosaur Gallery: Exploring Lost Worlds
Gallery 2 & 3, New Walk Museum & Art Gallery

The Rutland Dinosaur, a Cetiosaurus, takes centre stage in the exhibition that shows extinct animals were not ‘prehistoric monsters’ but living and breathing creatures. Discover what life was like millions of years ago and see how the world and the living things on it change constantly over time. Explore lost worlds and find out how dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals lived.

Alongside the Rutland Dinosaur you be able to see some of the oldest fossils in the world, as featured on Sir David Attenborough's series, First Life. The displays will also feature a new kind of Jurassic marine reptile and a piece of the Barwell meteorite, which was formed just after the birth of the solar system 4570 million years ago.

Suitable for all ages, the gallery includes dinosaur interactives, hands-on activities and cutting edge reconstructions of marine reptiles.

The Dinosaur Gallery: Exploring Lost Worlds has received funding from the DCMS/Wolfson Museums and Galleries Improvement Fund, The City of Leicester Museums Trust, Renaissance East Midlands and Find Your Talent.


Interview with Sir David Attenborough in the new Dinosaur Gallery
Sir David Attenborough talks about his early days in Leicester, his memories of the museum, thoughts of the new dinosaur gallery and the influence the museum had on his career. See the short film...

The Dinosaur Gallery Star Objects Podcasts:
1. Take a closer look at…The Rutland Dinosaur
2. Take a closer look at... Charnia: Part One - Charnia Discovery
3. Take a closer look at... Charnia: Part Two - Charnia Future
4. Take a closer look at... The Ammonite
5. Take a closer look at... The Barrow Kipper
6. Take a closer look at... The Ichthyosaur
7. Take a closer look at... The New Plesiosaur
8. Take a closer look at... The Giant Fish
9. Take a closer look at... The Barwell Meteorite

'Take a closer look at' is a series of video podcasts which profile each of the dinosaur galleries star objects.

The short films provide a fascinating insight to the hidden stories behind the objects, how the dinosaurs were discovered, how they received their names, with the films featuring experts in their respective fields.

The nine films feature the star objects in the new dinosaur gallery and include the visitor favourite Rutland Dinosaur, one of the world’s oldest fossils – Charnia and local discoveries such as the Barrow Kipper and the Barwell Meteorite.

The Dinosaur Gallery films are also available to watch on the Leicester Museums & Galleries YouTube channel.

The series of podcasts have been funded by Renaissance East Midlands’ MuBu programme and supported by Glass Page, a Leicester based film and media company.

The Jurassic Play Trail at Watermead Country Park

The Dinosaur Play Trail around King Lears Lake at Watermead Country Park near Syston, Leicestershire features; an earthmound, a rib-cage climbing frame, a henge-feature and stepping stones is great for children of all ages to explore.

Find out more about Watermead Country Park...

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