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Shady Lane Arboretum

View across the Arboretum

Shady Lane, Evington

This is one of the most popular open spaces on the eastern edge of the City and is well loved by visitors and local residents alike for its unique combination of recreational, botanical, wildlife and historical features.

Located on Shady Lane there are over 500 species of trees to look at and an area that has been developed for memorial planting. The Nature Area boasts rare wild flowers, river birds, owls and woodpeckers.

It's well worth a visit, why not take a picnic?

Shady Lane is particularly attractive being bordered by fine mature trees leading from St Deny’s Church to the Arboretum.


Orienteering courses are now available, for further details, please contact Sport On Parks


  • History

  • Parking and Access Information

  • How to get there



Piggy's Hollow on the site, is believed to have taken it's name from a certain 'Piggy Wilson' who kept his herd of swine here around the turn of the century.  In medieval times a moated manor house stood on the site and the course of the moat remains today.  The damp ground has encouraged sedges and rushes, which are suited to wetland.  Next to the hollow is St Deny's Church, which dates from the Norman period.


Parking and Access Information

A small car park is available.   There are gravel footpaths and seating areas.


How To Get There

Shady Lane Arboretum can be accessed directly from three points along Shady Lane, one below St Denys Church, one south of Evington Brook and one from the car park at the junction of Shady Lane and Gartree Road.  There are also two pedestrian access points along Gartree Road

For more information contact: Parks Services on 0116 454 1003. 

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