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Using The Card

You must show your Card every time to gain a discount. If you do not have your Card, or it is out of date, you will be charged full price.


Lost/stolen cards

If you require a replacement card there is a charge of £5. Apply at any city council sport or leisure centre.


Terms and conditions

Access to facilities/activities is governed by the rules of management at participating facilities - copies of which can be obtained at the facilities.

Leicester City Council reserves the right to take any action deemed necessary where it is found that the 'card holder' has abused the scheme.

The Card is not transferable.

In case of dispute the decision of Leicester City Council shall be final and binding. We intend to hold this information on computer in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1988.


The Card information

Information on The Card is available in Braille, audio and large print formats on request. It is also available on request in Urdu, Bengali, Arabic, Chinese and Somali


Further information please contact:

Sports Services,

Leicester City Council,

Town Hall, Town Hall Square,