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All Inclusive Membership Scheme

The council’s state of the art Lifestyle Fitness studios already have thousands of people taking advantage of the ‘All Inclusive’ membership scheme.


This is a monthly contract, payable by direct debit, that can save you hundreds of pounds on a private health club membership.


The ‘All Inclusive’ membership scheme package offers the following benefits:


  • Citywide use of our quality fitness suites including free personal programmes. 

  • Citywide use of our swimming pools – including Leicester Leys water flumes

  • Citywide use of group exercise classes – aerobics and Aqua-aerobics

  • Citywide use of ball courts for racquet sports such as badminton and squash


For Terms and Conditions


The Inclusive Membership package is offered on four separate tiers:


  • Single - Available to one person

  • One Plus One  - Available to two people (can live at separate addresses and don't need to be related).

  • Family - For two adults and two children (children have to be under 18 years of age and living at the same address).

  • Corporate  - Available to employees on our corporate list.  To become a part of the corporate list a minimum of 3 people from the same company must join on the inclusive package at the same time. 

Membership Scheme price changes from 1st April 2013.

The direct debit membership allows access to a selection of sports and leisure activities, within Leicester City Council facilities that are listed.


 "Inclusive" Packages  Adult  1 + 1  Family  Corporate

Membership Joining Fee





Membership Per Month





Annual Pre-paid Membership






You can cancel your direct debit membership after three months

Terms and Conditions

A membership joining fee equivalent to one months direct debit payment will be required.  A minimum of 3 Direct Debit Payments plus one month's written notice is required for cancellations.  For corporate members a minimum of 5 Direct Debit payments plus one month's written notice is required for cancellations.


 Casual User Membership

(Pay as you train)



(Student, Card Plus


Annual Membership Fee



Price per workout               Peak



                                     Off Peak






Fitness Class



Badminton (per person)


 £3.00 (per person)


Note: Not all activities are available at all sites.  Bookable activities must be pre-booked (up to one week) and are subject to availability.  Please check availability and public session times prior to attending.  


Leicester Leys Leisure Centre swimming admission £4.20 Adult member £4.80 Adult non-member and £2.50 Junior.


Contact your nearest Lifestyle Fitness studio to speak to our membership advisors.  They will conduct a tour of the Centre with you and help you find the right membership for you.