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The Card Plus

'The Card Plus' can offer significant savings on leisure activities (up to 50%) across Leicester. to a wide range of concessionary groups and individuals.


*You will only be entitled to 'The Card Plus' if you are a Leicester City resident with one of the categories listed below:


How do I get the Card Plus?



 Benefits  Proof of address required, along with...

Over 60 years in age

Date of birth, i.e. Pension book, bus pass. 

Job seeker’s allowance

Stamped form, proof of job seeker’s allowance

Income support

Income support book, bank statement

Housing benefit and/or Council Tax benefit

Rent book, letter, bill

Special needs / Disabled person

(can apply for Plus 1 card also)

Letter from doctor, Incapacity benefit or disability allowance

Dependant partner / carer for above

See "The Card Plus One" below.

Student studying F/T or P/T

Further Education College or University

Letter from College/University or NUS Card


The Card Plus is issued FREE OF CHARGE to Leicester City Residents (if you qualify*.)


The Card Plus One

If you are a disabled adult who lives in the city and need the assistance of a carer you can apply for The Card Plus, one for yourself and one for your carer.  This will enable both of you to use our facilities at The Card Plus rate.  The Carer Card will not carry a name thus enabling you to bring different carer's each time you visit a leisure centre.  If you have a dependant partner or a permanent carer who requires The Card Plus in their own name then they must apply at the same time as the applicant.


Do you have a disabled child?

Leicester City Resident children and young people under 19 with disabilities, and their carers can obtain further discounts by contacting the Leicester city Disabled Childrens register on 0116 294 6056.



How do I get the Card Plus?

To get the Card Plus you can visit any Leicester City Council Sports & Leisure Centre. The receptionist will request you show the necessary proof required in order to issue you with the Card Plus. The Card Plus can be issued on the spot on most occasions. However, during peak and busy periods The Card Plus may not be issued immediately but will be available for collection on your next visit.


You can also get the Card Plus by completing and submitting an application form. Please allow 7 working days for administrative operations and then visit any Leicester City Council Sports & Leisure Centre, bringing with you the necessary proof documents, reference number and the Card Plus will be issued to you.


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The Card Plus
The Card Plus