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Road Safety in Leicester

Road Safety  - Pedestrian Training

Road safety in Leicester is priority for the city council. Road Safety education can provide free child pedestrian and cycle training (Bikeability Levels I, II and III) within the school setting.


We can also provide sessions looking at all aspects of Road Safety, from wearing seat-belts to speed.

Road Safety - Cycle Training



For further information contact the relevant number:


Road Safety:  252 8631 / 252 8629  Cycle Training: 252 6540


or Email:

3 cars


 Pre-driver days are for 16+, allowing new drivers to get behind the wheel for the first time in a safe environment.

Sage (Safer driving with age) is a programme for older drivers to keeping them driving longer safely.

Eco-driving is looking at greener and safer driving techniques, helping drivers to save money by driving more economically. By doing that, it also produces a safer driver.

Togo Nogo Website


'To-go & No-go' are two award winning characters created for the Road Safety Team at Leicester City Council to help bring the safety message to the children of Leicester.


Road Traffic Accident Data


The Road Safety Team analyses Personal Injury Road Traffic Accidents that have been reported to Leicestershire Police. This data is held by the City Council Road Safety Team, and is available at the charges detailed below.


Details of Road Traffic Accidents that have resulted in personal injury can be provided by Leicester City Council at a charge of £100 plus VAT per extraction of data. Multiple or complex searches may incur extra charges.