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Need a Parking Permit?

Cultural Quarter


Parking permits allow permit holders to park in certain areas or at certain times in spaces where parking is normally controlled or restricted.  

There are three types of permits that Leicester City Council issues, these are for residents parking, blue badge holders and contractors working in the area.


Residents Parking Permits

Resident-only parking permits are issued by the city council. These are issued for residents in areas where on street parking is permitted to be used by residents only. Certain restrictions apply and an annual fee is charged. 


Please Be Advised: New Westcotes Phase 2 Western Park Residents Parking Scheme (Experimental) 

A new residents' parking scheme in Leicester’s West End is due to come into effect from 17 November 2014. The existing Westcotes Residents' Parking scheme is being extended to include some nearby streets in Western Park after strong public support for the plan. 

Visit our Residents Parking Permits page for more information.  


Blue Badge Holders (disabled users)

The Blue Badge Scheme is available to persons who: 

  • Have severe walking difficulties and travel either as a driver or passenger

  • Are registered blind

  • With severe upper limb disabilities who regularly drive a vehicle but cannot turn a steering wheel by hand

  • Institutions caring for disabled persons                   

The scheme is designed to allow badge holders access to on street parking close to their destination.


Please note:

People with temporary disabilities, such as a broken limb, are not eligible for a Blue Badge. Disabled children under two years of age are also ineligible, as they would not generally be expected to walk independently.

Further information on how to apply for a Blue Badge is available on the Blue Badge Scheme website.      


Contactor Parking Permits

If you are a tradesperson, contractor, engineer or builder and you need regular access to your vehicle (for tools, materials, etc) at the property you are working on, you may be able to get a permit or an exemption allowing you to park in Leicester.

For further information, please see how to apply for a contractor's permit.