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Residents' Parking

Parking permits

What is a Residents' Parking Scheme?

The Leicester Residents Parking Scheme makes available residents' parking facilities in certain residential streets.


Where are residents parking schemes in place?

The schemes only extend to a certain number of zones and addresses.

Only vehicles displaying the relevant parking permit will be able to park in a 'permit holders bay'.


Residents Parking Zones

See list of eligible addresses.


The following are the zones with explanatory notes where this scheme is in operation:

Zone A: Holy Trinity 
Zone B: Hazel Street 
Zone C: Bede Island North

Zone D: Riverside

Zone E: Highfields South

Zone F: Westcotes 

Zone F: Westcotes Extension (Experimental)  

Zone F: Westcotes Phase 2 / Western Park (Experimental)*



Please Be Advised: New Westcotes Phase 2 Western Park Residents Parking Scheme (Experimental) 

A new residents' parking scheme in Leicester’s West End is due to come into effect from 17 November 2014. The existing Westcotes Residents' Parking scheme is being extended to include some nearby streets in Western Park after strong public support for the plan. 

Some people in the area had raised concerns that the neighbouring Westcotes scheme, which came into effect in October 2013, had displaced parking from the West End into Western Park.

The new scheme covers a limited part of Western Park where residents and businesses had most strongly supported the introduction of residents' parking.

Work has taken place over the last few weeks to paint road markings and install road signs showing where the residents' parking scheme is in place.

The scheme will run as an experimental traffic regulation order (TRO) for a maximum of 18 months, during which it can be modified in response to any local concerns or objections. It would become permanent in May 2016.

People living in the area are being given information on how to apply for Parking Permits, which cost £25 a year for residents and £100 a year for businesses.


How much does the permit cost?

A permit costs £25 for residents and lasts for 12 months.


How do I apply?


View the Terms and conditions of permits. They will also be sent with your permit.


What to do if I change my car?

If you change your car, the current permit must be returned before a new one can be issued otherwise a charge will be made. You will need to provide one proof of vehicle ownership for the new car.


Please note:

You will not be able to park in the residents parking zone without a valid permit displayed in your vehicle. You will need to use visitors permits or park outside of the residents parking zone, until you have received and displayed your new resident's permit. N.B.: Each household can apply for 5 free visitors permits each renewal year.


What happens if I lose my permit?

Duplicate residents permits are issued free of charge. Please apply online, by post or in person. 


What other permits are available?

Business Permits (zones D, E and F)

(Application by post or in person only)



Maintenance Permits

(Application by post or in person only)


Application form for Maintenance permits


Charity Permits

Each charity, community centre or religious organisation is entitled to a maximum of 3 permits at a cost of £25 each.

To apply contact us on 0116 454 6300.


Explanatory notes for relevant zones and application form