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The OneCard

The OneCard is a smarter way to travel and access services. Allowing concessionary bus users to 'tap and go' when they board busses in Leicester.

OneCard will be a smarter way to travel and access services.

It allows concessionary bus passengers to use a ‘touch and go’ device when they board buses in Leicester.

The card is part of a smart and integrated ticketing project, being led by Leicester City Council, in partnership with Leicestershire County Council and local bus operators.

Smart ticketing is live on Arriva, First, Centrebus and Kinch fleets for concessionary users.


The Latest

Work is proceeding on commercial tickets for OneCard with all bus companies. Centrebus will be moving the existing Carbonara products onto the OneCard and Arriva will be releasing a 28 day pass on the OneCard.

Please watch for on bus announcements as elements of the scheme go live. Copies of announcements will be made available on this page. 

Using your smart ENCTS pass

Concessionary users need to touch their cards onto the card reader which is on the ticket machine, and hold it briefly to allow the machine to recognise and approve it.


Cards that have been reported lost or stolen are hotlisted and cannot then be used. Any hotlisted cards will be withdrawn and kept by the driver and returned to the appropriate Council to prevent fraudulent use.


This new system will also identify forged passes which will also be kept and withdrawn, and the report on their use submitted to the issuing Council, for further action.

If for some other reason your card fails, this may be due to a faulty card or a  fault in the card reader. You can get your card checked at any City Customer Service Centre. If your card is faulty it will be replaced. For the time being, faulty cards will still be accepted for travel, but they should be changed at the earliest opportunity.


The OneCard is a Leicester and Leicestershire brand and concessionary users do not need to apply for a new card, just use the old one in a new way.

The City Centre Bike Park now requires a OneCard for use. The card allows for electronic checking in and payment. It takes less than a minute to sign up at the Bike Park for your OneCard.


Why is it being introduced?

In the short term the introduction of smart technology for concessionary users will help to reduce fraud.


Over the five-year roll out of smart and integrated ticketing, users will see easier access to best value tickets and services.


That’s why the council is keen to see it introduced in and around Leicester.


The Department for Transport reissued all concessionary passes in April 2008, replacing them with smart cards and provided £2.2million in funding to support the smart and integrated ticketing project in Leicester and Leicestershire.


What will it do?

Initially it will be a travel card for concessionary pass holders.


But ultimately you’ll be able to use the card for a variety of services and we hope to introduce commercial travel.


An integrated multi-operator ticket is a key part of the original funding bid and this will be a significant improvement for the many people who regularly use more than one bus company.


It will remove the need to have different cards to travel, access libraries, leisure centres and school transport etc.


For the council, streamlining the numerous card-based systems will save money over time; the reduction in fraudulent use of concessionary passes will be a significant saving.


Is it an Oyster Card?

No – it won’t be the same as an Oyster Card, which is a London Transport card.


OneCard uses the ITSO operating system, which was purpose designed and is being used nationally for the introduction of smart ticketing. It will allow you to travel throughout Leicester and Leicestershire using different bus operators.


Eventually OneCard will provide access to a variety of non transport services and facilities right across the city and county.


The card will also allow you to travel by bus in any area of England that runs a smart card system.

Contact us

If you require more information about ‘OneCard’ and the smart and integrated ticketing scheme, contact