Environment and waste

What we're doing and how we are working to improve the quality of your environment.

Further information

Love Leicester

Love Leicester is a campaign designed to encourage people in the city to take pride in Leicester. It covers themes such as recycling, reporting grotspots with our Love Leicester smartphone app and making the most of green spaces.

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Leicester's Food Plan

We want to make Leicester a healthy and sustainable food city. To help us do this we have developed Leicester’s Food Plan.

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Environmental policy

We are committed to transforming Leicester into a cleaner and greener city and a more prosperous place to live and work. Our priorities include making Leicester a low carbon city and a healthy and active city - with a high quality built and natural environment.

Sustainable procurement policy

Our sustainable procurement guide is designed to help our staff make sustainable procurement decisions, provide practical information on how to reduce our impact on the environment, ensure high ethical standards are followed and bring benefits to the local economy and community.

EMAS and environmental statement

EMAS is the system we use to manage and reduce our impact on the environment.