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Transforming neighbourhood services

Your local services are going to change. These include libraries, community services, youth centres, housing offices, adult learning and local customer service points. We want to work with you to make these services fit for the future.

Further information

The piece of work we are carrying out is called Transforming Neighbourhood Services. You can read about consultations we have held in different areas on the following links

Why are services changing?

  • Significant cuts in government funding mean we will not be able to continue to run services as we do now.
  • We want to work with communities to make changes and to deliver effective - joined up services.
  • We are reviewing how neighbourhood services are run to make sure that they are affordable and can respond to local people's needs.

How do we make changes?

We will be working with local people and community organisations to look at the best way to deliver services in the future. The options that we are looking at include:

  • reducing the number of buildings we own
  • merging services into shared buildings: this has worked well elsewhere in Leicester and has led to longer opening hours
  • involving local people in running some services
  • self-service facilities.