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As part of our Transforming Neighbourhood Services programme, we’ll be releasing selected buildings to local community groups and other organisations.

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Coleman Lodge Community Centre lease

We're inviting applications from community organisations to take a five year lease of Coleman Lodge Community Centre. There are existing groups providing a rental income stream by using the building and providing services and activities to the local community. It is anticipated that proposals for the future include for their continued use, where possible, and also encourage increased use of the facilities by local residents.

An independent support session to aid interested community organisations to find out more about occupying city council property under the Community Asset Transfer Policy, was held on Wednesday 17 October.

The deadline for submissions is 17 December 2018.

You can find out more about this opportunity by seeing the information pack and supporting documents below:

John O’Gaunt public house - Assets of community value

John O’Gaunt public house, Somerset Avenue, Leicester LE4 0JY is listed on the councils published list of assets of community value following successful nomination by a community organisation. The owner has now informed the council of an intention to dispose and the council is now required to notify the community of the owner’s intention to dispose of the Listed property and opportunity exists for eligible community interest groups to request in writing to be considered as a potential bidder for the property. 

If the council receives a written request from an eligible community interest group to be treated as a potential bidder, it must notify the owner accordingly. A longer “full moratorium period” will then be triggered, in which the community group has time to raise capital and prepare their bid, and in which the owner cannot sell the property (unless it is to an eligible community interest group). This period lasts for six months from the date that the owner originally expressed their intention to dispose of the property. 

If no groups show interest by the date then the owner will be free to sell as they wish without the six month moratorium being triggered. 

Groups are asked email Neil Gamble, Head of Property, Leicester City council by close of business on Thursday 25 October 2018 to request to be treated as a potential bidder.

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More details on our Community asset transfer policy is available below. You can read about our Transforming neighbourhood services programme on the following link:

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