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African Caribbean Centre lease FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the African Caribbean Centre lease opportunity.

General questions

Target date for completion is by the end of 2022.

Outside of the ventilation and air conditioning replacement, no further building works are planned for this year.  Reactive maintenance tasks will be carried out as usual if required.

Work was undertaken in October 2021 to replace the pumps in the lift shaft following incidents of flooding. No issues have arisen since this work was undertaken.

Asbestos is present in the building and is well managed through regular inspections. 

The aerials will remain on the roof of the building.

A detailed building induction including a building health and safety checklist would be made available at the handover stage.

No requirement to replace utility meters has been identified.


The cost of water utilities, including sewage is included in published budgets for the building.

Currently 12.5 hours building cleaning per week takes place, plus ad hoc cleaning for weekend events.  The cost will depend on whether cleaning is undertaken on a voluntary basis, or whether transfer of existing staff is required in the event of a paid cleaning solution.  TUPE transfer of existing staff may apply if paid cleaning is required – please request a further discussion if this may be the case.

 The service does not retain a budget for furniture and equipment. This is replaced on an ad hoc basis according to need.

Fixed wire testing is due February 2025 – cost between £1,500-£2,000. PAT Lighting Testing is due February 2023 – cost between £200-£300. Emergency Lighting is due May 2023 – cost between £200-£300. Lift service is carried out 2 monthly visits – annual cost of £1,116.

Air conditioning unit service is due April 2023 – cost between £350-£450.

This will be responsibility of the tenant under the lease agreement to insure the premises. Tenants should obtain quotations for building insurance.

If a staffing is not to be on a voluntary basis, please request a further discussion.

Band B Premises Licence is £180 per year.

A Personal licence is need for the operation of the bar, which involves a £37 application. The person must also have a relevant qualification (price unknown) and undergo some form of police checks. The premises Licence holder can nominate specifically who is the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS). This person would need to be on site during the usage of the bar, or nominate somebody else (via written confirmation per period of time).  

A flat fee of £21 needs to be paid for a Temporary Event Notice. This is for an extension of capacity, or times of any of the licenced activities below:

Activity Days Times
Plays Sun - Wed 9am – midnight
Thurs – Sat 9am – 2am
Live Music Sun – Weds 9am – midnight
Thurs & Fri 9am – 2am
Sat 9am – 4am
Playing recorded Music Sun – Weds 9am – midnight
Thurs & Fri 9am – 2am
Sat 9am – 4am
Dancing Sun – Weds 9am – midnight
Thurs & Fri 9am – 2am
Sat 9am – 4am
Late night refreshments Sun – Wed

11pm – midnight

Thurs & Fri 11pm – 2am

11pm – 4am

Supply of alcohol on/off the premises Mon – Weds 11am – midnight
Thurs – Sat

11am – 2am

Sun 11am -11pm
Films Sun – Weds

9am – midnight

Thurs & Fri 9am – 2am

9am – 4am

Opening Sun – Wed 9am – midnight
Thurs & Fri 9am – 2am
Sat 9am – 4am

Fire extinguishing testing is due June 2023 – cost between £450-£550, Fire alarm service is due April 2023 – cost between £200-£300.

 The current annual charge is £500.