Food Safety in Catering Level 2: online course

This course is suitable for refreshing your knowledge of food safety or for low risk food handlers.

Further information

If you have never completed a Level 2 course before, we don't recommend this route, as it is essential that you understand all aspects of food safety to put it into practice in the workplace.

Course information

Topics covered 
  • Definition of food safety
  • Symptoms and causes of food poisoning
  • Benefits associated with good food safety
  • Sources of food poisoning bacteria
  • How food poisoning can occur and how to prevent it
  • Cross contamination
  • Requirements for the construction of food premises
  • Benefits of a documented food management system
Cost (per person)
  • £35
Examination and award

On successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate approved by Education Development International (EDI).

In order to be able to use this package on your computer you must have flash player installed and be able to play YouTube videos.

How do I book a place on this course?

To book on the course, please see the quick link at the top of this page.

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