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We are responsible for health and safety in Leicester. We help safeguard employees in the workplace and reduce the risk of harm to people.

We will occasionally inspect workplaces in Leicester to:

  • ensure they are safe and that employers are complying with the law
  • investigate complaints about unsafe workplaces
  • investigate accidents and dangerous occurrences.

If you run a business in Leicester you must ensure that your business meets the necessary health and safety standards and procedures. You can find out more information about these standards on the Health and Safety Executive website

If you want advice on health and safety matters in the workplace please send us an email:

What to expect during an inspection

Officers may visit unannounced especially if they are investigating accidents or complaints but they may make appointments to ensure that they speak to a senior member of staff during routine inspections.

Officers will look at the workplace, work activities and the health and safety management system that the business has in place. They may also wish to review paperwork and official documents such as:

  • health and safety policy
  • risk assessments
  • plant maintenance and inspection records
  • training records
  • accident records. 

If officers have any concerns then the following forms of action may be taken depending on the seriousness of the situation:

  • Informal - verbal or written advice/instruction/warning
  • Improvement notice - 21 days to comply with legal requirements
  • Prohibition notice - prohibition of a work activity or use of work equipment either immediately or after a specified time
  • Prosecution - if there is a failure to comply with notices.

Self-assessment questionnaires

We also asks businesses to complete a self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) from time-to-time as an alternative to carrying out an inspection particularly for new or low risk businesses.

If you are a new business then you are advised to complete a SAQ before you start trading:

If you need help completing the SAQ, please contact us using the details below:

Licensing and permits

If your business involves personal treatments (for example, health, beauty, tattoos, and/or piercing) or food preparation you must register with us. Find out more about getting a license or permit to operate.