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If you have have received an automatic acknowledgment after submitting an application or email, please do not try and call us – we will respond to you as soon as we can.

Alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshment

You will need a licence from us if you want to provide alcohol, entertainment or late night refreshment in the city. It is an offence to carry out these activities without authorisation.

What you need a licence for

You will need a licence from us if you want to:

  • Sell or supply alcohol
  • Provide regulated entertainment (films, plays, performance of dance, indoor sport, boxing or wrestling, live or recorded music)
  • Provide late night refreshment.

Licensing objectives

The licensing objectives are:

  • prevention of crime and disorder
  • prevention of public nuisance
  • public safety
  • protection of children from harm

All applications and representations must relate to one or more of the licensing objectives.

Responsible authorities

There are a number of responsible authorities who have powers and duties in relation to the licensing regime for alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshment. Contact details are available below.

Areas of special interest and consultation

If you are applying for a licence in any of the areas below, certain factors need to be considered prior to the submission of your application. The areas of Special Interest and Consultation can be found at Section 8 of our policy (PDF).

The areas of Leicester that this section of the policy relate to are:

  • Granby Street, Belvoir Street and Market Street
  • High Street (from the junction of Carts Lane) and St Nicholas Place
  • Braunstone Gate and Narborough Road (up to the railway bridge)
  • Evington Road
  • Belgrave Road and Melton Road (up to the junction of Marfitt Street)

Specific documents relating to each area are attached to the Policy for you to read prior to completion of your application if your proposed premises falls within ones of these areas. You are strongly urged to contact the Responsible Authorities prior to the completion of your application and operating schedule so that they can comment on your proposal and provide specific advice and guidance about what they would be expecting you to consider when completing your operating schedule.


The responsible authorities and 'any other person' may make representation about an application for a new premises licence or club premises certificate, or an application to vary an existing licence or certificate. They may also apply for an existing licence or certificate to be reviewed, if one or more of the licensing objectives are not being met. Representations must be made in writing and may be made via our online form, by post or by email:


If a relevant representation is made, the application will be determined after a formal hearing. The applicant and anyone who made a representation will be invited to attend. Details are available in our code of practice.

Best Bar None

A Best Bar None scheme is being developed by BID Leicester in partnership with us and Leicestershire Police. It is a voluntary national assessment and accreditation scheme that awards and recognises well-run alcohol-licenced premises based on national standards of best practice. More information is available on the BID Leicester website.

Apply for a...

Licensing Act 2003

A list of the applications received in the past week along with licences issued can be viewed on our Open Data website - using the quick links at the top of this page.

Where there is a period where representations can be made about an application the date by which this should be received is in the last column of the table.

If you wish to view a copy of the application, you can request this by email:

Also attached is a list of the licences and permissions issued during same week. These lists will be updated every week.

During office hours, arrangements may be made for the register to be viewed at the Customer Services Department, Leicester City Council, York House, 91 Granby Street, Leicester, LE1 6FB or by contacting

It is an offence knowingly or recklessly to make a false statement in connection with an application. The maximum fine on summary conviction for this offence is £5,000.

Help with documents

If you have problems accessing or viewing any of the key strategy documents, please email