Alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshment

You will need a licence from us if you want to provide alcohol, entertainment or late night refreshment in the city. It is an offence to carry out these activities without authorisation.

Further information

What you need a licence for

You will need a licence from us if you want to:

  • Sell or supply alcohol
  • Provide regulated entertainment (films, plays, performance of dance, indoor sport, boxing or wrestling, live or recorded music)
  • Provide late night refreshment.

Licensing objectives

The licensing objectives are:

  • prevention of crime and disorder
  • prevention of public nuisance
  • public safety
  • protection of children from harm

All applications and representations must relate to one or more of the licensing objectives.

Responsible authorities

There are a number of responsible authorities who have powers and duties in relation to the licensing regime for alcohol, entertainment and late night refreshment. Contact details are available below.


The responsible authorities and 'any other person' may make representation about an application for a new premises licence or club premises certificate, or an application to vary an existing licence or certificate. They may also apply for an existing licence or certificate to be reviewed, if one or more of the licensing objectives are not being met. Representations must be made in writing and an online form is available above. Representations may also be made by post or email to the address below.


If a relevant representation is made, the application will be determined after a formal hearing. The applicant and anyone who made a representation will be invited to attend. Details are available in our code of practice below.

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