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Licensing service changes

We have made temporary changes to our licensing services due to the coronavirus

Distribution of free printed materials licensing

You need permission to distribute free printed material in certain parts of Leicester. Anyone distributing without consent, or causes another person to do so, will be guilty of an offence.

Application process

Applications must be accompanied by a fee. If consent is granted, additional fees will be payable as set out on the application form. Fees are updated from 1st April each year.

An application form and additional information can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

There is a general presumption against the grant of consent to entertainment venues. These applications will be referred to the Licensing committee for a decision, and so will take longer to be dealt with. Applications relating to entertainment venues should be submitted at least 20 working days before the proposed start date.

Special entertainment events

Applications related to special entertainment events will be considered on their individual merits, and the requirements relating to fees and conditions may be applied flexibly. For these purposes a 'special entertainment event' will include non-commercial, community-related or charitable events, limited period festivals or similar events involving entertainment other than within a single commercial entertainment venue.

Do I still need to apply?

Anyone wishing to distribute leaflets or other printed matter in connection with a special entertainment event will still need to apply.