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Sent us an application or email?

If you have have received an automatic acknowledgment after submitting an application or email, please do not try and call us – we will respond to you as soon as we can.

Reapply for the same temporary street cafe licence

If you would like to apply for the same temporary street cafe licence as you have now, you will need to ensure your application form matches your current licence such as; opening days/times, number of tables, chairs, barriers you are currently licensed for.

What will I need to provide?

Along with your application, you will need to submit:

  • a certificate of liability insurance for a minimum of £5 million
  • a photograph of your street café when it is in position outside your premises.

Reapplying for a licence with no changes means that we will not have to carry out the usual consultation process, but we may comment on your application.

You may want to refer to the licence conditions to ensure your proposed application meets the requirements.

How much is a licence?

The fee is £100.

How do I apply?

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