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Direct debit payments

We are aware of an error with a small number of direct debits, which we are working with our bank to correct. If you have been affected, for more details call 0116 454 1010.

Become a trader at Leicester Markets

Becoming a new trader at Leicester is simple and straightforward. As a casual trader you can experiment with trading on different days and locations so you can get an idea of what works best for you.

The best thing is there is no obligation for you to trade for any period of time so you can choose what suits your schedule. There are limitations to the products that can be sold at the market including restricted commodities which are listed on our website.

Trading some goods such as food requires extra checks which need to be completed in advance.

Outdoor redevelopment works

As Leicester Market will shortly be going through a transitional phase with a full market redevelopment, we are currently only accepting casual traders. However, we won't be taking on new traders on a casual or permanent basis who sell the following:

  • fruit and vegetables
  • second hand goods
  • fabric and material
  • underwear/nightwear
  • electrical goods
  • mobile phones
  • smoking accessories
  • hats, scarves and gloves.

Find out more about the 2023 redevelopment works

How much does it cost for a stall?

The costs per stall per day is £23. This includes a levy charge of 20 pence per stall per day.

What is a levy charge?

All market traders pay a levy charge of 20 pence per stall per day. This payment is collected by us on behalf of the market trader’s publicity and promotion account. The publicity and promotion account is solely ran by representatives of market traders which pays for various activities and resources which promotions the market.

Before you apply

  • Traders must be registered as a food business with the local authority where their business is based.
  • Traders must have a food hygiene rating of at least 3 (considered good). If a business is registered, but does not yet have a food hygiene rating, then they need to provide evidence that their business is registered, and they are waiting for an inspection to take place.
  • All businesses must inform us of how they are going to manage the food safety in relation to their market activities. This is done by submitting a food hygiene risk assessment or management plan, a template for this can be found online. In this document we look to understand how the trader will manage:
    • temperature control
    • cross contamination
    • rubbish
    • handwashing
    • cooking/hot holding
    • refrigeration

How to apply to become a trader

In the first instance, yes, there are a few formalities that need to be completed. Firstly, send all relevant paperwork (see below) to with a summary of what you will be selling and your desired trading days.

  • Photo ID: passport or driver’s license
  • Proof of address: recent utilities bill or bank statement
  • Proof of insurance: all traders are required to hold public and product liability insurance for up to £5 million (please wait to purchase this until after your commodity has been approved)
  • Food: relevant information on food hygiene rating

What happens after I have sent you all the paperwork?

You will be contacted by a member of our development team and if your products are accepted, you will be asked to meet to discuss things further and confirm the location of the stall allocated to you. We reserve the right to refuse any trader.


Before you start you will need to check what insurances you will need. Markets tend to ask for public and product liability insurance with a minimum cover of £5m. This insurance covers you if a customer injures themselves at your stall and if any item or product you sell causes harm to a buyer.

Employer’s liability insurance is a legal requirement should you employee staff, even casual workers. 

You may need a more specific insurance or licenses depending on the products you are selling. If you are unsure if you need a specific license for the products you are selling, you can find information on this and other requirements at GOV.UK

Can I trade food?

We have a responsibility as part of the local authority to ensure that all food and drink sold at Leicester Markets are done so safely and hygienically. We work closely with the Environmental Health team to ensure that we are adhering to the food hygiene legislation. You can find information on our Food hygiene and safety section or FOOD.GOV.UK.

Is there anything that can't be traded on the market?

There are restrictions to what you can sell on the market. Part of our job at the market is to try and maintain a balanced offering of goods, so there are some items that we will not allow as a new commodity. Also there are some items that we will not allow which do not fit with our image as part of the local authority – i.e. weapons, political/religious items. There may be other items that we do not allow, but by and large we would like to welcome a diverse and well-rounded offering.

Can I sell or prepare hot food on the outdoor market?

No, we have specific food units for this purpose.

What about ready to eat food items?

We do allow traders to sell ambient foods, or if managed properly, refrigerated foods. This includes foods such as olives, bread, cakes, jams, chutneys, etc. Anyone selling ready–to-eat food cannot trade casually unless sufficient checks have taken place in advance.

Frequently asked questions

Leicester Market

Unfortunately there is no onsite parking. Traders will have access to the market to drop off goods and
set up their stall until 10am. Between 10am - 4pm no vehicles will be allowed on site. At 4pm traders
will be given vehicle access to the site. Ask at the Customer Care Centre and a Market Officer will advise
you on nearby parking. For more information visit our parking in Leicester section.

Beaumont Market

There is ample parking for traders at Beaumont Market. Please speak to the market inspector on duty
to register your vehicle details with the shopping centre so that you do not get ticketed.

We have limited storage available to rent on a weekly basis both at Leicester and Beaumont Market
available only to permanent traders. Enquire at the Customer Care Centre regarding availability or call
0116 223 2376 for more details.

Have further questions?

Please get in touch by email: